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Tap Overload has had great success in the past producing tap dance concerts and is now venturing into a new realm of theatrical entertainment. The company goal is to reach even more people with its productions as it continues to present tap dance to mainstream audiences. As Tap Overload transitions into the role of a production company and shifts its focus to full scale productions, the mission remains the same: Spread the joy of tap dance to as many people as possible and inspire new generations of young dancers to study the art form.


GABE AND MINDY COPELAND are professional choreographers, directors, producers and performers from Southern California. The husband and wife duo are co-artistic directors of Tap Overload. Their credits include choreographing for and appearing on national and international television programming and in film projects. They have toured nationally and internationally as featured members of Rhapsody in Taps, an innovative rhythm tap dance ensemble directed by Linda Sohl-Ellison. The Copelands were featured soloists in the international tour of Caution: Men At Work Tap in China and were invited back as special guest tap dance coaches, choreographers and performers for the national television program Chinese Dream Show.

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